FANTASTIC WAD THEME FOR OMNIA – Concept (WQVGA) – English version

March 19, 2009 at 4:35 pm (Omnia)

Hi guys,

It’s been quite some time I haven’t post any news on Omnia since my modem is not so stable + busy. Also sorry for not being able to reply any comments for u all..Will do that if I have time later..
Anyway what else news? Omnia is an old technology already..haha..

Ok back to the topic, I’ve found 1 great theme for our lovely Omnia..

It’s a Wisbar Advance Desktop 2 theme made only for WQVGA. So in other words, Omnia can use this theme without any issue..That’s good right..

First I would like to big thanks to original creator of this theme, DESTRI, the guy with great design skills.
Here is original link. It’s a French site, you need to use Google translation for that.

And you may find the topic from WAD forum website also,

But that is not his latest version. Some of the features are not there (e.g: music control & lock screen).

And also thanks to GATITO from Modaco, for some of his pictures which has been translated (from French to English.)

- ok enough with intro :)


I did customized this theme to fit my needs. So it’s a bit different from DESTRI & GATITO version.

a) added ON PRESS IMAGE for all button (make it looks responsive when you press)
b) REMOVE SOUND when u click on any dock
c) added NEW PAGE for APPLICATION LAUNCHER (12 shortcuts)
d) 6 shortcuts in both TOOLS & SYSTEM docks
e) Small shortcut to S2P in MUSIC dock (default one is Windows Media Player)
f) Modified notifier (appointment, sms, mail & call)
g) Change ALARMES text to icon
h) Added HOME CITY WEATHER text in weather panel
i) added BATTERY PERCENTAGE on top dock
j) added MEMORY LEFT SPACE in system dock



  1. Of course u need to have Wisbar Advance Desktop 2 (WAD) first
  2. Make sure u install on My Storage.
  3. Download this MaksConcept.rar file (from Modaco)
    1. maksconcept   (mirror file. You need to rename to *.rar after download)
  4. There are 3 folders & 2 files inside the rar file
    • newConcept
    • newConceptL
    • WMP Controls
    • SF New Republic.ttf
    • SF New Republic Bold.ttf
  5. Copy newConcept and newConceptL folder into \My Storage\Program Files\Lakeridge\Wisbar Advance Desktop\Theme
  6. Copy WMP Controls folder into \Windows\Start Menu\Programs
  7. Copy SF New Republic.ttf & SF New Republic Bold.ttf into \Windows\Font
  8. Run WAD
  9. go to Settings > General > Change Theme
  10. select newconcept
  11. press Menu > Set As Potrait Theme
  12. select newconceptL
  13. press Menu > Set As Landscape Theme
  14. Ok

Change weather icon

  1.  still in the settings page, go to Icons
  2. browse \My Storage\Program Files\Lakeridge\Wisbar Advance Desktop\Theme\newconcept\extras\meteo petite
  3. DONE. You’re ready to use this theme.


If you find that some of the shortcut is not relevant for you. Then you may delete it.
If the shortcut is not functioning, just change in the script to point to actual programs.
Please be aware WAD program required big memory to run. At least 6-7mb. Sometimes 

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My Omnia Launcher

February 2, 2009 at 4:03 am (Omnia)

This is my first attempt on modifying Omnia launcher (main menu).
Spending whole day to modify this.. It’s not very difficult but quite tedious…:)
And i still don’t know how to change font color, that’s why i purposely make light blue panel for text icon.


DOWNLOAD FILE : Launcher.T1.Skin
(After download, please rename it to *.rar and extract)

1. With Resco Explorer or Total Commander search the file “” in the /Windows folder (default Omnia file explorer cannot copy/cut/overwrite system files so use Resco Explorer).
2. Copy it to another folder (for back up purpose)
3. Download the attached file (above) . Edit its properties, make it: read-only,hidden and system file (with pc or with Resco Explorer).
4. In the /Windows folder overwrite the “” with my “” file
5. Close (not minimize) Omnia main menu and restart the application. If it didn’t show any effect please restart the device.

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Make my Omnia looks better & useful with Ifonz

January 20, 2009 at 3:53 pm (Omnia)

Yeah, i know this is like repeatiting post. But I just want to share with you all the main applications that made my omnia (windows mobile) looks cool and even better from default one..

First is the windows shell, where u have so many options currently available..
SPB Mobile Shell, Winterface, ThrottleLauncher, Wisbar Advance,  Manila2D & the most application that i like currently is Ifonz (last time was using SPB Mobile Shell). And it’s FREE! no need to worry about license…..Previously i had installed ifonz before, but i dunno why the icons looks ugly. Now i realize u need to find the correct icon and some settings to make it work perfect on Omnia. If u don’t believe me see below pictures..:)


What u need to do is download the ifonz from the Run the ifonz.exe file to open the program. A few settings u need to do;

  • set icon size 48×48
  • icons for row in Portrait = 4
  • icons for row in Landscape =8
  • background = use default color (black) for better performance
  • unchecked on welcome animation on start
  • checked Start with windows
  • use high quality icons from here

Or the easiest way is download MY THEME settings here. (please rename *.pdf to *.ifonz) and also u need to download the icons from here (please rename *.pdf to *.rar).

  • After download, run the ifonz. 
  • hold the battery icon until menu come out
  • select themes > Load
  • chose the theme that u downloaded just now (maksTheme.ifonz)
  • then click OK
  • for the icons, extract [Realize 48 for Ifonz.rar] file
  • and u MUST put the ‘Realize 48 for Ifonz’ folder in My Storage > My Documents > My Pictures > Icon 
  • (if u didn;t copy into exact location, the icon will not appear as shown above)
  • DONE
  • some of the icons maybe is not necessary/related for you, so u can delete problem..


below are some cools & finger friendly apps that i use currently..


S2U2 - lock screen

S2U2 - volume

S2U2 - volume









Fun Contact

Fun Contact

SMS Chat

SMS Chat

other useful application, u can check from my ifonz screenshot..
but one application is not there, which is HOME SCREEN PLUS UI..
really recommended for all pocket pc users..

okay feel free to ask me if u have any doubt..i’m going to sleep now..sleepy already..

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Omnia : TV Out Cable

December 1, 2008 at 3:31 pm (Omnia)

Those who want to get tv-out cable for Omnia, u can check at Samsung service centre or samsung shop if they have. Actually the cable itself is made for SGH-F510 model but it is compatible with Omnia as they using the same port. In Malaysia it cost about RM 54.55.

So is it worth displaying Omnia screen on your tv?

For me it’s great for watching movie only. I tried on Plasma & CRT TV. Both looks ok. Not the best quality but acceptable. Make sure u don’t convert the movie file into WQVGA screen. It will more reduce the quality of the picture. And u need to max ur Omnia volume as well as tv volume.

Other than that, if u use other stuffs, u can see a big pixelate because the WQVGA screen. So u can imagine what would happen if u stretch WQVGA screen on your plasma TV..:)

Here take a look some of my screen shots..dont have movie..pity..:)

Omnia TV Out cable

Omnia TV Out cable

SPB Mobile Shell display on Plasma

SPB Mobile Shell display on Plasma




How typing Omnia with Plasma screen? :)


Sanji:One Piece - my favorite anime :)Omnia on 21

Omnia on 21inch CRT tv

Omnia on 21

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NEW ROM : i900DZHL5 [updated]

December 1, 2008 at 2:38 pm (Omnia)

DZHL5 – Leaked ROM from Secany (Modaco)

Latest Official ROM From Samsung DZHK3 Download Here


Thanks to hellfire for posting the firmware i900DXHK1 at his blog..

You guys can get it from here

FYI, this is not consider as official ROM but leaked ROM..
That mean Samsung haven’t announce it as latest Omnia official ROM.

What are the improvements & bug fix?

  1. Add 3D Album Art.
  2. Add New Playlist UI / GUI.
  3. Dcf file can play in OpenFiles
  4. The device cannot get MCC/MNC to call the GetCurrentOperator API.
  5. summer time was not applied correctly
  6. clock widget has memory leak
  7. Because the MS API obtaining timezone information has problem, we change the structs. We make the timezone list when starting applications.
  8. In LCD dimming state, enable auto orientation function.
  9. Could not change the UA mode to another.
  10. The device is freeze when try call with BT headset while using Camera or SmartReader.
  11. After pairing BT headset, play video clip( 3gp or mp4), at this time if call is receiving, video is black out and device seems to be freezing.
  12. “▣발생경로 : 1.TOUCH PLAYER MUSIC PLAY 중 SHOZU-SHARE IT-Select Photo
    ▣발생문제 : Terminate Touch Player and Remain Shozu
  14. Call log can’t display the whole number.
  15. When using touch motion in portrait mode, task-switcher don’t execute sometimes.
  16. When download image with PC upgrader, sometimes device can’t complete download process.
  17. Lock up when outgoing calls using BT headset during Smart Reader Preview
  18. Device does not boot after user upgrade.
  19. “VOIP function & audio path about VOIP is added to audio driver.
  20. DST(Summer Time), Alarm ICON is added in analog/dual clock
  21. The device sends invalid DTMF tone when press keypad during speaker phone call.
  22. LCD will be off when Touch Player plays MP3 files.
  23. Reproduce : After LCDTest application is execution , PDA Power off
    Problem : After PDA is Restart , Motion senser Setting
    Default Value was changed to  Automatic -> Manual”
  24. Display TA Connecting Icon after fully charged.
  25. Disable 1 battery bar(20%) Low Battery Alert
  26. Modify One Battery Bar Voltage Table
  27. Add new game – dice
  28. “If without the operator “” * “”, the result was wrong.
    ex) 2(1+2) = 23, previous source code.
    2(1+2) = 6, Now.”
  29. 1. start -> wnidowsmedia -> menu -> options
    2. video -> full screen -> always
    3. When next  video clip is played problem :
    video screen  becomes strange.”
  30. After first download, LCD On when the earjack is connneced.
  31. In SouthAsia, users feel that it takes long time to fix first postion.
  32. Depending on bootloader.nb0 size, while downloading a CSC file, device’s download progressbar starts half full.
  33. Fixed lock up problem during clean boot.
  34. Improved the wolrking of Ethernet 2 frame setting. Especially we improved stablility during LTK test.
  35. Improved the stablility of streaming.
  36. Fiexed a problem that WiFi can’t connect to AP on Channel 12 and 13 by roaming function.
  37. Improved the sability of Host Wake Up.
  38. Implemented “”disable QoS support bit”” function for Waiwanese AP issue.
  39. Fixed aproblem when number of AP list is over 64.

Source :

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Modaco Custom Rom : DTHJ6-MCR02

October 28, 2008 at 2:08 pm (Omnia)

You guys can give it a try on this custom ROM from Modaco..
I just flashed it yesterday and again need to reinstall back my apps & settings :P
What really makes me to upgrade to this ROM is u will get free storage around 70mb.
Even after i install my apps, still managed to get 50mb available storage.

So far have tested WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, Camera, etc..No issue..
Still monitoring battery performance..

What’s new?
- Removed Windows Update
- Removed Welcome Center
- Removed MS Sample Music
- Removed .net CF 2.0
- Removed Chinese fonts (sunfon.ac3)
- Removed SilverInbox
- Removed Shozu (available in CAB form here)
- Removed IRDA files
- Added .net CF 3.5
- Added Remote Desktop Mobile
- Added AppToDate
- Added Batti 2.4
- Re-added scientific powercalc
- Optimised Samsung applications
- Optimised OneNote
- Optimised Office
- Optimised Other Core applications
- Customised version display (MoDaCo Custom ROM 2 = MCR02)
- Added MoDaCo to default RSS feeds
- Added MoDaCo WinMo Week to default Podcasts
- Scientific calculator is back in

How to do?
Same like normal firmware upgrade..u can refer here

Download url :

Source :

Credit to Paul Modaco for his great efforts..:)

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Get your GPS quicker fix, without enabling Enhanced GPS

October 19, 2008 at 2:46 am (Omnia)

How many of you use your GPS without enabling Enhanced GPS?
For myself, i never use the Extra data download feature for enhancing GPS because it wil cost me using GPRS. Anyway, it would cause u to wait a few minutes (2-5) to get GPS fix.

Few days ago I found 1 thread from Modaco on how to “Get your GPS quicker fix, without enabling Enhanced GPS”

Below is the step on how to. I have tried it. And it works great. My GPS can get fix within not even 1 minutes not like before.

1. Go to Settings > System > Enhanced GPS and set both settings to “Disable”
2. Go to your device’s registry, and see the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver

3. Change the following string values to nothing (don’t delete them, just edit them and clear the value):


  • CurrentLogFile (originally \GPSID_log.txt)
  • OldLogFile (originally \GPSID_log.bak)

4. Soft-reset your device
5. With File Explorer, go to My Device, and delete the two GPSID_log files you see, and the file named xtra. If you don’t soft-reset, you will not be able to delete some of them.
6. Check again the registry setting. Sometimes in rare cases it may revert the settings back – but that’s a general WM problem.


After this, if you start your navigation software under clear sky, you can get a fix in a coulpe of minutes, without the use of XTRA, or any other data source, than pure native GPS satellites.

Note: to edit the regsitry u need registry tools like TotalCommander CE, Resco Registry (which come with Resco Explorer) etc..


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Latest Omnia Firmware (i900DXHJ1)

October 17, 2008 at 5:43 pm (Omnia)

Lately i’ve no time to post any news about Omnia..Actually i have nothing to post and pretty busy with my new job..:P

But if u talk about Omnia firmware then it will be never ending story. As u all know, there are SO MANY FIRMWARE VERSION had officialy/non officially released by Samsung. Since the launched on July in Singapore then follow with other countries, i can say at least more than 10 version had been released. From G1, G3, G4, G5, H1, H3, I1, I2, I3, bla…bla…bla….The weird thing is if u go to the website the latest one is still H3 version, which is known as a BATTERY KILLER..I strongly advise do not upgrade ur Omnia to this version. If not u will regret..haha…

SO back to the topic, i will use this post to update if there is any new firmware released from Samsung.

Please bear in my mind, this is not consider as an official firmware from Samsung. As i know they may purposely leaked the firmware to the users. To let the user to test first and become their victim..Haha..Don’t worry it should be ok..Although it’s not official but i believe every new firmware should fixed some bugs based on the previous firmware..


DATE : 14 OCT 2008

HOW TO : refer my previous post

Sorry, i haven’t tested yet..The reason is everytime i flashed/hard reset i need some time to reconfigure my settings and install back all the applications…
Anyway, I heard, it’s comparable with HI1 and a little bit improvement on camera quality.
Plus they may fixed the bugs which we are not really notice when we use Omnia.

So, keep updating me if u guys has flashed and find out what are the new thing in HJ1..:P

credit to Secany from Modaco

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i900DXHI1 Firmware

September 25, 2008 at 2:43 pm (Omnia)

Those who are having battery problem on H3 firmware, is highly recommended to upgrade to i900DXHI1 Firmware. Mine can last almost 3 days with normal usage..

Download the files here:  


Target Part

Bug Description (Problem/Reproduce)

Settings The preview of Theme does not display when selecting the image bigger than 3M.
WIFI If ‘Browser Connection’ set not to ‘internet’,
Browser try to connect via GPRS even if WIFI connection is established
RIL Occurrence Process : Insert Airtel SIM card and power ON the handset.

Expected Result : It is displaying ” Airtel ” . It should be displayed as “AirTel ” [ HYPERLINK "javascript:getUserInfo('M061117065109C104045','E')" VIKRAM D PANCHAL - 2008.08.08]

TV_OUT Repro Steps:
1. Connect the TV Cable
2. Receive a phone call
3. Start -> Program -> execute any program
3. Disconnect the TV Cable
When TV cable is connected, a warning window pops up.
Without closing that popup, execute any program.
Unplug the TV cable, and touch screen will act abnormally.
WLAN 1. We changed to be passed even if mc address is wrong..
2. We fixed data abort problem that it occurs when grandprix is booting.
3. We fixed power save mode setting when WiFi driver is receiving data..
4. We fixed “unbinding problem” when phone chnges IP setting way from DHCP to Static IP Setting. repeatedly.
5.We added firmware version and release version to serial message.
6. We upgraded firmware p31 to p32.
7. We fixed data abort problem to not working of wlan that it occurs with wrong chip id.
8. We improved power save mode setting when WiFi driver is receiving data.
Widget Occurrence Process : Create a contact with long name and assign Caller image to it. Recive a call. Disconnct the call from MO side.
Occurrence Status : Ringtone, ringing is stuck. Dump file created on its own. And phone is getting restarted again and again.
Expected Result : Dump fiel with R&D
Widget Occurrence Status : Select samsung widget as the theme and try to do first log in on Windows live messenger. The stage number ’3′ gives error that samsung widget does not support wondows messenger
Expected Result : Should work normally, users are not concerned about themes selected while using phone applications
FM Radio 1. Run FM Radio
2. Menu->Option
3. Run MS Task Manager
4. Kill FM Radio
Device still play radio sound after FM radio applcation is termanated.
MediaController Add ‘Seek’ control function while playing media.
Touch 1.In Hungary & Croatia version
2.start->programs -> Notes -> New
When input touch by finger, the device sometimes can not painted.
Call Log When the end user make a voicemail call and if the end user check the log in the Call Log, the log is displayed by the number of voicemail not “Voicemail”
Widget 1.entering contact using clicking+ button in the photo contact widget
2. add new SIM contact
3. add new Outlokk contact
4. widget disappear
  connect BT headset then execute camera.
Then press the BT send button to ougoing call and shutter to take a picture instantly then camera locks up.
Widget It didn’t sound when volume profile is inserted in the bar
UI / Applications Start > Address book > Search button
Enter “!!”
Fatal exception
  There is a data abort (once occured) in Alarm List.
Shozu Shozu makes fatal exception sometimes.
  Date & TIme of file detail menu of Greek OS was too long to display.
  when vt call is received during multishot, camera is not over
IMEI When IMEI check is processing, phone is off.
  When there’re the operator names more than 2, Samsung Today 1/2 display only one. So they are fixed to display two operator names like Samsung widget.  
widget 1. Messenger -> Sign in -> Accept -> Enter E-mail -> Next
2. if we check “Live Search bar” check box, it returns first step.
CSC file copy If CSC file copy process is interrupted, the copy process will now resume when device is rebooted
RIL Sometimes the “TimeChangedEvt” hasn’t been saved.
Touch Player While playing video file in full screen, there is no response after pressing Send Key.
Touch Player While playing video file in full screen mode, there is no response after getting SMS.
Touch Player Can’t load properties page when the mp3 title length is more than 256 characters.
Touch Player There is video memory leak issue
SIMAT Listview item of SIMAT is narrower than display size.
Display PLMN 26207 displays “O2 – DE”
Touch Player Device can’t go to sleep mode after playing more than 2 mp3 files.
main menu if link file path is changed main menu can’t launch that application while main menu is running.
1. run the main menu
2. setting
3. menu
4. change the setting of some items
5. run the main menu
6. go to the programs
7. run the items that is changed
-> can not launch that items
MMS Fatal Exception after Receiving MMS
MMS Send Note via MMS
MMS Fatal Exception entering via Notification Icon
MMS When WAP Push High signal message is received, it should not show upward arrow icon in title bar.
IMEI some network setting values disappear after IMEI process.
SIP Mobile Excel -> select a new cell
input number then layout was changed to the Text
  OK button in the world clock map is deleted
FM Radio 1. Run Radio
2. Off earjack
3. Rotatate repeatly.
4. UI lock up
FM Radio change favorited channel with sweep action
Lock up
FM Radio There is no scroll function with optical joystick on channel list.
Dialer 1. Try voice call
2. Receive video call.
3. Touch lock window is showed on the video call window.
Camera camera can’t run cause of not enough video memory.
Camera When occurs GPRS Connection bubble, Camera can’t receive touch event in left edge of screen.
Display The power off animation finish registry doesn’t set.
FM Radio 1. Run FM Radio
2. Menu -> Channel list
3. Scan
4. Off the earjack
5. Scan menu(LSK) is not disbled.
DialParser In AXIS and Hutchison 3 network, the “*333#” USSD key string does not work.
FM Radio 1. FM Radio
2. option – turn radio off program

result : overlap right scroll

Mouse NA
SIP When xT9′s SIP is changing, Video memory leak is occured.
IMEI imei log reduced.
Settings Change the end key settings from “Disconnect data call” to “Lock device”
Bluetooth change BT FTP default root directory, My Documents -> My Storage
SIP 1. When registry value as named “Anykey” is set enable.
    Antoanswering for incoming call when SIP is activated.
2. After booting, on the landscape mode, SIP is shown like portrait shape just once.
Auto Configuration Requested to change the operator name of Swiss com which is shown when autosetting runs
Keypad Add code for longkey working in repeat rarte 0.
Battery Add Charging cut off temperature for DLNA (59 -> 63)
Display Couldn’t execute the camera because of there is not enough video memory.
  1 min snooze is set by default in New Alarm Dialog.
Smart Reader Solve problem against leak of video memory
USB Sleep -> Wakeup from sleep -> available registry count decreases everytime the device wakesup from sleep
Getting Started Video Memory leak happen / Do not execute its sub-menu / cutting picture
accsensor,battery The power consumption is increased because sometimes device doesn’t go to sleep mode.
File System When My Storage Folder is unmounted(ex. My Storage use for Mass Storage), My Storage Folder in Root Directory can create by user or application. So If My Storage is remounted, My Storage is created as My Storage(2).
Touch Player Repeat is not working
Keypad Setting -> Device PIN Lock Set -> End Long Key -> KeyLock Doesn’t Works
messaging If we insert long contacts as recipient in SMS or MMS, this can’t be inserted up to 20 recipient
Codec When we play some 3gp and mp4 contents, memory leak happens.
MMS Delete 100kb list item in MMS size options
Camera .
Audio The touch sound isn’t played on BT headset. It’s only played on speaker.
And other sounds is played on BT headset. (BT headset connection is correct.)
Touch Player Device does not go to sleep if user stop playing by BT headset.
Keypad Setting -> Device PIN Lock Set 1 minute -> wait 1 minute ->
End Long Key -> KeyLock -> enter pin number and
 unlock device Lock -> LCD Black
Smart Reader Once showing recognizing Bisiness card, tab cancel. after entering setting, tab ok. then after coming back preview, it is now displaying preview.


via Modaco forum - Secany’s ROM research thread

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Mapking and Garmin settings for Omnia

September 19, 2008 at 4:33 pm (Omnia)

This is just a guideline on how to setup GPS with your Omnia by using Mapking2007 or Garmin Mobile XT.
Sometimes i, myself also need to refer back after  i hard reset my Omnia..:) 


Before that, here is the link for you to download Mapking2007 software and the maps..
MAPKING 2007 -

And here’s the setting you need to do in order to use Mapking, its simple.

1. Go download the port splitter 1.1 free from…tsplitter.shtml

2. Go to Start – Setting – System – External GPS 
Program – set GPS Program port to COM8
Hardware – COM9 / Baud rate – 4800
Access – Remain checked

3. Go to Start – Setting – System – Enchance GPS
XTRA Enable – Enable
Auto download – Disable

4. After installating Port Splitter to i900, activate it and set the setting accordingly.
Input – COM8 (type it if its not there)
Baud – 4800
Output – COM6 (press Add and start)

5. Open the MapKing
Go to Tools – GPS/Track – By User (COM6 / Baudrate 4800)

Done !!

To activate GPS, just make sure Port splitter is activated (start), open Mapking – click GPS at the bottom – click anywhere to open up the menu – click GPS Status (if showing no fix on the top left, it means its trying to locate your position) So go to a open air location (Takes about 1-3 mins to log on estimate)

[reference from PPCSG]

PRO - easy to find all location by using search function
       – dragging map on screen is easy compare to Garmin
CON - map not so details in certain location (comparison with Garmin)
         – interface is not optimized for finger touch screen 

MAPKING screenshot


Setting in Garmin is quite easy compare to Mapking, except there are a few files u need to download and install.

Installation procedure:
a) Start installation of ‘GarminMobileXTforWindowsMobile_42020w.exe‘ from PC through ActiveSync. Select your Storage Card as destination. During the installation, files will be copied to your storage card. The files should appear in ‘Storage CardGarminAppsWM’. 

b) Install ‘GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx.exe‘ for voice files. In storage card 

c) Install ‘GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx.exe‘ for Garmin’s base map. In storage card 

d) Run GarminMobileXT and click “Connect to a Garmin GPS” go to ‘setting > about’ record the Unit ID and 
use keygen to create unlock key based on Unit ID.

e) Save the key as sw.unl file. 

f) Copy ‘sw.unl’ to ‘Storage CardGarmin’.

Then run Garmin Mobile XT.

Malaysia map in Garmin format can be found from here 

PRO - very easy to use with finger thumb
        - quite details map 
CON - cannot set start destination like Mapking (or i dont know how to?)
           your start destination will be based on GPS detection
        - installation will take up your storage memory around 5mb
           although u have choose to install on My Storage
        - cannot search all location in one place (must be by category)
A few screen shot of Garmin Mobile XT.

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