SPB Mobile Shell skins for Omnia

Before this many ‘Omnians’ found difficulty to get SPB Mobile Shell skin that can works well for their Omnia.
Especially when display in landcsape mode. Now no more. Thanks to the great guy from this site http://www.imarche.net/omnia/index.php. [updated]

The best thing about this skin is, it is customizable..
Mean that u can change your skin with just click the button. No need to copy file to replace the original skin and also no need to restart.
And there is an extra options for you to change your analog/digital clock, button, layout and wheater styles.  


The plug-ins are continuosly updated, so please go the website to get the latest release.

133 thoughts on “SPB Mobile Shell skins for Omnia

  1. SdRawkCab25 says:

    i;m currently using these, and they’re awesome and simple to run!

  2. NIN-77 says:

    Nice designs…..what are the setting for the glass analog clock with silver round surface?


  3. yngchin says:

    Can anyone tell me when you using SPB Mobile Shell, the battery power dropped fast or not?
    I have tried used once, but I found the battery level dropped very fast if compare with using the original Samsung2 today screen. When I use Samsung2, the battery with my normal usage can last for 1 day++. But when I change to other Today (not Samsung), the battery level drained fast and I have to recharge less than one day.

  4. Patrick says:

    Hey Maks,

    Could you provide the direct download URL? Thanks.

  5. Maks Pain says:

    to NIN-77.,
    when u choose the skin from > spb skins
    there will be a popup message “Set Other Options”
    click ok.

    When the time to choose Analog Clock Style,
    please click cancel.
    So it will u the default clock (glass analog clock with silver round )

  6. Maks Pain says:

    hi yngchin
    i also faced the same problem after i upgraded to H3 firmware..
    before this it never happen when i’m using G3.
    Might be bugs i think..

    just a few minutes ago, my battery drop from 40% 20%..sigh..

  7. Maks Pain says:

    Hi Patrick,
    i cant put the link here because that guy alwayz update his file..
    just a few weeks ago..
    it was 1.2 version,
    then 1.3,1.4..today i check already 1.5 version..

    what u can do is got the site,
    select Download > Full Packages > Release ‘XXX’ WQVGA (240×400-Omnia) version

  8. asn says:

    thanks for very nice resource. nothing better than user review based on experience instead of official review.

    Just wondering the SPB Skin link http://www.imarche.net/omnia/index.htm is no longer exist, so please upload or send the file to me if you don’t mind. I rally love the look.

    Also, how did you take screenshot on omnia? sorry I am newbie both for WM or omnia


  9. Danco says:

    Hi. Where can be this skin downloaded?

  10. Maks Pain says:

    Dear asn & Danco

    the link already changed to this url

    and i use CapSure software to capture my Omnia screen..
    refer this thread, https://mysamsungomnia.wordpress.com/2008/08/30/must-have-software-for-my-omnia/

  11. carlos says:

    How do u install this?

  12. Maks Pain says:

    first thing of course u need to have SPB Mobile Shell version 2.1 installed on your Omnia
    then only u can install this skins..
    the guideline is in the readme file under installation folder

  13. hypoglossal says:

    I can’t seem to install this mate? I mean it says run the .mscr file but when i do it asks me to open it with what program? I already have spb mobile shell.

    [reply by Maks Pain]

    mm..not sure…Mine seems to be ok..No problem to execute .mscr file…

  14. rene says:

    hi! marks pain.

    regarding the SPB mobile shell, u said we need to install the v2.1 1st, after izzit follow 2.5, 2.6 …. or can straight away install v3.1?

    sorry! I am new user for wm n omnia.


    [reply by Maks Pain]
    if u have previous Skins installed on ur Omnia, just replace it..
    yes u can straight away to install v3.1 but for 3.1 is an update version..
    u need to have 3.0 ver

  15. hiep says:

    hi, can anyone tell me how to switch to a different skin without softreset my device. What steps i have to do or do i have to install anything on my device

  16. Maks Pain says:

    u need to use the latest version..if i’m not mistaken,
    if u use 2.5 version and above, u dont need to soft reset ur device when change the skin

  17. hiep says:

    yes, i am using the latest version, but under my tool menu, i don’t have the option that allows me to change from one skin to another. Therefore, i have to copy the dat files and softreset it every time. I see other people can change it very easy.

  18. Maks Pain says:

    actually what .dat files that u copied?
    the latest one is 3.0 version
    is it supposed u copy SPBMobileShellSkins folder into My Storage
    then u MortScript file..
    then InstallWQVGA

  19. hiep says:

    hey maks, i got it now. It works great. Thank you very much

  20. Darrell says:

    I tried installing this, but it doesn’t seem to work with my Omnia.
    My device Version is firmware DXHG3.
    Error reporting always pops up and hangs the system.

  21. Maks Pain says:

    which version that u tried?
    so far i have no issue using version 1.5, 2.x & latest one 3.0..
    make sure u download the WQVGA version..not VGA or QVGA

  22. Guyderam says:

    Hey there… Where can i get the free version of spb mobile shell?

  23. Guyderam says:

    Need sum help… Juz bought omnia.. Having tough time switching from handphone to pda… LOL. How do i exactly install the full package on spb mobile shell skin 3.1.1 package?

  24. Maks Pain says:

    1st, did u have SPB Mobile Shell 2.1 version installed on ur Omnia?

    if no, please intall first..
    if yes, download the full package from the website…
    under the download there is instructions on how to install..

    if u stuck during installation, please come back to me..

  25. blueevil says:


    I don’t have spb shell on my omnia yet, but want to put it on the phone!
    do I have to purchuse spb 2.1 or can I download it someware for free??

    greetz blueevil

  26. Maks Pain says:

    it’s a shareware hence u need to purchase it..:)

  27. Sid0101 says:

    Hello all, I am new to the Omnia too.
    After installing SPB 2.1.2, I downloaded the skins from that guy version 3.1.
    When I execute the first file, MortScript 4.1, all goes well. However, when I try execute the Install_WQVGA I get an error saying that I don’t have a signed certificate… what am i doing wrong?
    Also, I have hard reset twice doing these steps… and still no luck.

  28. Maks Pain says:

    Wow Sid..
    u did hard reset 2 times?

    anyway the steps u have done is correct one..
    copy skins to my storage > run mortscript > run WQVGA..

    dunno what to comment..
    anyway i’m using skin 3.0 version + 3.1 update

  29. Sid0101 says:

    maybe it is my firmware?
    Or should I try to install a firmware over this one?

  30. Maks Pain says:

    maybe u could try download and install older version
    where u can get it from here

  31. dip says:

    i have a problem when i run spb mobile shell 2.1 trial version on my pc. I keep getting application manager cannot install this application due to an error on the setup file, reinstall and try again. What am im doing wrong?

  32. shadow_styled says:

    Hi Guys i tried setting the temes but they don’t work or where do i need tho set the themes? do i need to disable som functions on the phone first? i tried setting the temes in spbmobileshellskins/scripts ex: Kyro_Daisy I doo all the seting like clock type and others………. and when i finish it dos not hapen anithing😦 can someone help me?

  33. at says:

    hi, i have the same problem, after a soft reset nothing hapens????

  34. Maks Pain says:

    hi Dip,
    maybe the installation file is corrupt..
    try re-download the file and install again

  35. Maks Pain says:

    hi Shadow_styled,
    i guess the first step u should do is run the MortScript file (provided SPB mobile shell 2.1 already installed).
    If that one is success, then u run Install_WQVGA file

  36. mongrel says:

    Sid0101 spent 5 hours on this found your problem you need to unzip the skins file you put on omina with that mort.exe file in it. if you put on phone zipped it wont work

  37. Kevin says:

    I installed the skins on my omnia and it works fine.

    However, when i Lock my phone, the “Unlock” always show at the bottom of the screen and just wouldn’t disappear when the phone’s locked. Anyone else experienced this problem?

    [reply by MAKS PAIN – sorry for late reply]

    i think that is normal…
    when u lock the unlock text will remain at the bottom screen

  38. Atle Rik says:

    I have tried to install spbmobileshellskins RELEASE 3.1.1.
    Packed it out, copied it to My storage/spbmobileshellskins
    Clicked the mortScript.exe file
    Clicked the Install _WQVGA file
    And then I get errormessage:
    Couln’t create directory ‘\Program Files\spb Mobile Shell’
    XCopy (ScriptPath \”\Localization”\ ListL[Selected] \”SpbMobileshell.txt”,SpbPath, True )

    [reply by MAKS PAIN – sorry for late reply]

    well, i haven’t see that kind of error before..
    maybe it would be better i use ask directly to the guy from imarche.net

  39. Patrick says:

    Screen shot links don’t work anymore.

  40. mohd hairul says:

    hi maks again, just wondering that how come when i try to install it, it says i do not have spb shell 2.1.2 ? please reply me asap as i like to try this skin.

  41. mohd hairul says:

    and yes, i’ve try to install the 2.1.2 but it says cannot or something

  42. stammy says:

    I have the same problem, installed it on internal 8 gig memory card in root
    Error you do not have spb shell 2.1.2 why…?? I have 2.1.2.

  43. stammy says:

    I tried de 3.0 version, same problem HELP HELP. Why doesn’t is see mij SPB shell 2.1.2…??

  44. stammy says:

    Is there nobody, with an answer to solve this problem….??

  45. stammy says:

    Allright foud is out, is works.
    I unzipped it on the phone, But you must first unzip en then copie to phone.
    and run the script file. looks cool

  46. mohd hairul says:

    how come it says SPB.Mobile.Shell is not a valid Pocket PC application?

  47. Maks Pain says:

    sorry to Stammy & Hairul,
    i was too busy to reply any comments

    Anyway seem like u manage to install the skins right, Stammy?:)

    For Hairul. from where did u get the message
    “SPB.Mobile.Shell is not a valid Pocket PC application”

    i guess u try run exe file from ur PDA?
    if exe file u need to run from ur PC using ActiveSync

  48. Mohd hairul says:

    yea.. i wanna try out the new skins they release but it says i need 2.1.2 version inorder to install it, so i try to install the 2.1.2 on my omnia and it says “SpbMobileShell2_setup’ is not a valid Pocket PC application……
    greatly appreciate if you can help me solve this, thanks a millions

  49. Mohd hairul says:

    ahh finally got it over, anyway thanks maks. i’ve done it

  50. Maks Pain says:

    hehe..great Hairul..
    anyway now i’m not using SPB Mobile Shell for a while after upgrade to new firmware..
    currently using ifonz..i like it..:)

  51. Tickle Me says:

    Hi Maks,

    Great thanks for ur explaination n ur step by step guidance!!! now i’m confident enuf to move forward n dl other stuffs.

    Can i also check wif u if there is other software for GPS? mapking is only for trial version n my nafphone hmm i lost the key no.. pls help? thanks!!!!!!!!

  52. Moe says:

    i installed using the instructions but at the end, nothing happened… my home screen looks the same. Is there something in the instructions that is missing that I have to do manually? i don’t check this site often, so if you can drop me a quick note to my email, i will really appreciate it.

  53. Someone says:

    To remove the skin and get back the original background of the omnia, you just need to click on the original script to remove all the SPB skins and get back the original SPB Skin.Then you uninstall, is it simple as that?

  54. Maks Pain says:

    Yup, shold be that way..but i never tried before

  55. Serge says:

    installed SPB 2.1.2 and the 3.1 skin release on my Omnia (I910 version) about a week or more ago… works great.. no issued to report.

    Does anyone know how to customise… how can you change the background images and still use the layouts, buttons… etc?

    [reply by MAKS PAIN – sorry for late reply]

    that one u need to ask the person who made the skin..
    i also dunno..hehe

  56. Azha says:

    Hi Maks Pain,

    I already installed the SPB moble shell skins, its really nice. But the problem is my original Samsung Widget is gone. How can i get it back?

    [reply by MAKS PAIN – sorry for late reply]

    it’s not really gone actually..
    u still can access ur today screen (Samsung Widget/Samsung Today1/ Samsung Today 2)
    by pressing end button. BY right it should go to today screen

  57. Amoodi says:

    I’m getting that same problem where when i try to run the Install_WQVGA i get the message “Cannot find Spb Mobile Shell version 2.1.2”

    I unzipped the file on my compter and then transferred the folder and its contents (4 folders) to my phone.

    Did I do anything wrong? please help

  58. Amoodi says:

    does anyone look at this page anymore?

  59. Maks Pain says:

    do u have SPB Mobile Shell before u install this skin..
    if u already have, maybe try soft reset ur phone first..then try again

  60. Azha says:

    Hi Maks,

    Thanx for your advice. I already success downlowd the Sbp mobile shell skins and find back the samsung widget.

  61. Jamie says:

    I installed the new skin into my omnia and I noticed that it won’t go into landscape mode anymore. The screen won’t rotate. Is there a way to fix this?

  62. Maks Pain says:

    probably ur auto rotation is disable..try check in settings > system > motion sensor..

  63. Ted Brogan says:

    Hi, could you list out what layout options you chose for the first screen shots?

    I love the digital clock and the folder icons under programs. Also, I can’t seem to figure out how to get the bar of icons (with the lock, smiley face, etc) that is on top of the program folders.


  64. alan says:

    can anyone help?

    I did everything fine, its all installed and i can run spb skins 3.1, choose kyro carbon filter for instance as soon as i do this i get a RAR :Diagnostic message – layout.zip: no files to add, when i click ok it gives me the chance to choose single clock etc but when i have choosen everything it doe not change, tried soft reset etc but nothing happening?

    Can you help Please?

  65. Maks Pain says:

    Ted Brogan,
    i haven’t use SPB Mobile Shell for quite some time..
    i think that was Windows Vista theme + other theme for launcher…sorry i can’t really remember the setting combination that i’ve made..

  66. Maks Pain says:

    i’m not sure about ur problem..could you please the creator of the skin..he might expert on this matter..:)

  67. alan says:

    same issue as sid, first i extracted the skins which was fine, but then it would not load. GUYS to solve this all you need to do is extract all the files from the ZIP folder into your storage/memory and it should then let you load, i am know changing when ever i want, have the kyro windows theme with i phone icons!!!!

  68. Steve says:

    I have just installed the skins onto SPB and have a couple of problems. The weather icon does not appear on the opening screen anymore, how do I get it back?

    Also I have a games and navigation icon on the programs screen but neither contains any programs. How do I link the programs to these icons?

  69. Azha says:

    Hi Maks,

    I have the same problem with Steve. Actually i just upgrade my omnia to the latest firmware (i900DZHK3). So i need to install back the SPB mobile shell together with SPB mobile shell skins. I already done that, but the problem is i can’t update the weather. I have tried many times but still not success. Normally when i click the sync the weather is automatically update.

    Kindly please advice what should i do to get back the weather.


  70. Maks Pain says:

    Steve & Azha,

    there is menu in SPB Mobile Shell settings (which i can’t remember since i’m not using anymore)..from there u need to manually insert any games / app into game/navigation page…

    i’m not sure about ur weather prob, before this i never have any issue on updating weather

  71. tina says:

    hi can anyone help i have downloaded and installed but cant find it on my setting or programmes only in my storage im a computer virgin can anyo

  72. berry says:

    Hye Guys!I’m having problm to install my spb mobile shell.It says “cannot find spb mobile shell 2.1.2”.I have it already and i never had spb mobile shell installed before.I’ve seen a few comments here regarding this prblm but i dont really understand how to overcome it.Could someone please help me by instructing me steps by steps?i would really appreciate it!It’s about 2am now n im stucking on my pc trying to solve this problm..

  73. Mattijs says:

    Hi Maks,

    Do I really need the2.1.2 version, or can i also use the 2.1.4 version.
    I really like the skins, but before i get started i wanna be sure that the skins will also work on the 2.1.4 version of spb shell.

    Thnx in advance.

  74. lesley-anne says:

    my skin will not rotate even though i have it set to automatic can anyone help?

  75. lesley-anne says:

    oopps i means screen

  76. Wyldeman says:

    Will this work on a i910? i just got mine today and havent a clue what to do and am afraid to do anything.

  77. Wyldeman says:

    Thank You i did a READ in the file and EVERYTHING works PERFECTLY!!! sorry for the earlier post.
    Just download http://www.imarche.net/omnia/index.php
    and open the README file……..dugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had to DL the spb file and read the readme file you also have to do a few DLS.
    Other than that PRESTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks again

  78. HARRY says:

    once you have downloaded the skins how do you put them onto the omnia ?

    thanks :)

  79. Ruud says:

    It is driving me crazy but I just can’t get it done.
    I have SPB.
    I have downloadedn the latest version.

    I use the mortscript on my Omnia.
    I use the WQVGA, and then it still asks something about rar and if i want to combine the ZIP and RAR files.

    the file is 20,1mb right (just making sure that I have unpacked it completely.

    I really don’t know what to do anymore, because after install SPB freezes.

    I have tried it over and over and over 6 hard-resets… well you can imagine..

  80. Someone says:

    Hi Maks again. I change to a different spb skin the other day and Today I don’t know why I decided to call myself on my homephone, but it said that my phone was switched off, so i reverted to the one i had been using for 2-3 months and i still wasnt able to call myself, is this a spb mobile shell problem?

    Thank you for your help

  81. Papylyndo says:

    Hi guys……
    I recently reinstalled my omnia i900….after the latest cooked ROM by Taril (27-02-2009). and installed all the apps that i need. Including Spb.Mobile.Shell.v2.1.5.Build.3774 together with SpbMobileShell2.1.x-WQVGA-Skins_Release3.2..
    All the other apps are quite ok (installed and running) except for SPB mobile shell skins 3.2 … I just cannot get it to run…. I am quite experienced with computers and softwares PPC and had been using the previous versions of SPB mobile shell skins before this one…. I have followed the instructions…but still to no avail….
    Who out there knows better than i do???
    Help me !!!

  82. lauren says:

    hi how do u change the type of clock

  83. peter says:

    can anyone help..I dl the SPB mobile shell and tried to install in on my Omnia. but it keeps saying unsuccessful. I dl the SBP pocket plus, weather, and it works..but cant seem to get the spb mobile shell? could it be that the CAD is bad..I dl it from diff source, but still the same outcome… “UNSUCCESSFUL”

    Can someone email me and give me directions…i am fairly new to this window mobile..


  84. tkduc says:

    very good

  85. peter says:

    Nevermind…I had to hard reset my phone and install the SPB program and it works!!! Looks great!!!!

    Now I need to add the themes…any tips?

  86. chino says:

    Can you please help me as I’m having trouble installing the SPB Skins. I share my problem and sentiments with Rudd (comment #80) above.

    Please advise. Many thanks!

  87. daus says:

    Hi Maks pain.. i read all the thread but no solutions regarding “cannot find spb mobile shell 2.1.2″..currently i have d exact same problem and i don’t know how to solve. can you please help me Maks since you are the only expert on this.

  88. daus says:

    by the way..it works fine and run well in my omnia. problem arises when i tried to install the SpbMobileShell2.1.x-WQVGA-Skins_Release3.2. i don’t really know what to do. Help…..

  89. Papylyndo says:

    daus said and all the rest…
    How to install SpbMobileShell2.1.x-WQVGA-Skins_Release3.2
    Here’s what to do….

    1 Create a folder on your “MY STORAGE card”…
    2 Rename this folder eg.: ” SpbMobileShell2.1.x-WQVGA-Skins_Release3.2 (inside there will be another dir. “SpbMobileShellSkins” (the root of the card)
    3 Copy all the files from the skin folder to this new folder ” SpbMobileShell2.1.x-WQVGA-Skins_Release3.2″
    4 Now assuming that you have already installed SPB mobile shell (if not do so now!!!)
    5 go inside this directory ” SpbMobileShell2.1.x-WQVGA-Skins_Release3.2″ and click on scripts directory…
    6 Inside this scripts directory “click now on the file “MortScript”
    7 MortScript will run. Just click on ok afterwards…
    8 Then in the same scripts dir. Find and click on “Set install dir.” Click on ok afterwards.
    9 Again in the same scripts directory ckick on install_WQVGA and then on Scanstatus….
    10 Now all should be working….

    I think the most important thing here is that the install directory “must be maximum two layers deep ie: “my storage/ SpbMobileShell2.1.x-WQVGA-Skins_Release3.2/ SpbMobileShellSkins”
    More than that and it does not work…

    • Fotis says:

      Hallooo…:P i have the omnia i900

      can you help me to fix the Spb …??
      it says that Spb… is not a vaild Pocket pc Application…!
      how can i fix it ??:P

  90. chino says:

    Thanks Papylyndo. Will be trying it later:)

  91. johnbristol says:

    I tried what Papylyndo said but i dont understand the start bit of “create a new folder – rename it, and there will be something inside”? There wont be until i puit something inside???? No matter what i do, ive got 2.1.5 shell installed but when i try skins 3.2 when instal wqvga is clicked it says cant find shell 2.1.2?? Ive got a lot earlier skins pack working, circa 1.8, but i can delete this and still no good! so basically, along with a lot of people on here, I have 2.1.5 shell working well, but no matter what I do, skins 3.2 will not install as it wants shell 2.1.2??


  92. Papylyndo says:

    Just make a new folder on your “my storage card” and give it a name!!!

  93. chino says:

    Tried your advise Papylyndo. Still can’t get it to work. I followed your instructions and my omnia hangs as soon as I finished installing the skins.

    I created a new folder in “my storage card”. Should I create the new folder under “my storage” instead?

    Also, there something that prompts when I choose a skin like “do you want to customize your skin”, “do you want to use a low memory…”,… am I on the right track on this?

    Aprpeciate your advise. Thanks!

  94. KingPitikz says:

    Hey Man
    Help me.
    I Can’t Change The Clock, it’s just turn digital mode
    With HTC Theme of course, i like that
    But the clock always digital
    Can Anyone Help Me?

  95. KingPitikz says:

    Please Email to >> KingPitikz@hotmail.com
    Thx For the help…

  96. Papylyndo says:

    chino said,
    you’re on the correct track….continue….
    create the new folder under “my storage” instead

  97. Papylyndo says:

    KingPitikz said

    just swipe your finger across the top of the screen (between the two arrows) and the clock will change…

  98. chino says:

    Thanks a lot! I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve tried and successfully installed the skins.

  99. moncin says:


    I’m hoping I can find some answers here.

    When my screen locks on the now screen – clocks page (either by hardware button or inactivity); the word “close” appears where “unlock” should be.

    I press it – it flashes but nothing else happens. The screen remains locked.
    None of the hardware buttons respond.

    If the screen locks on any other screen (today screen, settings page or any open application); the word “unlock” appears and I can unlock as normal.

    The only way around this is to manually lock my screen on the today screen or soft reset (if it gets locked on the now screen)

  100. Chris says:

    Hey, Finally got the spb to work after a few issues but works great now. I was wondering if anyone knows how to add stuff to the program files. For example, I downloaded google maps and I want to access it from the navigation button. Thanks in advance.

  101. anthony says:


    i already have installed everything…

    it all works… however, my phone hangs-up every time i close an application ( calendar, messaging, etc.) what would be the best way for me to do?

    i installed spb mobile shell version 2 on my omnia phone…. please i nid help for me to enjoy the SPB SHELL SKIN BETTER… thanks

  102. kurai says:


    any news about spb mobile shell skins voor omnia, for the new spb mobile shell 3.0?

    i tried to use the same ones, but of course that didn’t work…

  103. val Chew says:


    i m a new user n would like to install Spb. however, i f ace some problem. when i tried to install install_wqvga it show me an error message cannot find SPB mobile shell version 2.1.2

    could you kindly help?

  104. shah says:

    salam semua ye…siapa boleh tolong saya.nak install skin tak reti.ym/skype saya subarulimited

  105. Someone says:

    Hi I accidently un-installed SPB Mobile Shell before I clicked the “original” for these skins. I now cannot re-install SPB Mobile shell and I was wondering if someone was able to help me as I would really appreciate it.

    An early thanks for all the help

  106. kings says:

    Hello guys. I have a omnia, in Brazil, and I tried to install the SPB version 3.0.1 (trial), but doesn’t works. During the insatllation appears to click only two check boxes, one for weather and other for wirelles applications. I also installed the skins, but, again, not works. Does someone else have this king of problem? Any help will be very welcome. Thanks in advance.

  107. Bakiah says:

    currently i m using spb shell 3.0 with 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 upgrated but sadly i cannot successfully generate my own skin through skin generator ,though i convert correctly 16 bit, potrait 240×400 and landscape 400×240 image but the ending still unsucessfully generate my own skin,anybody kindly help me how can i solve this?u effort are much appreciated…thnks anyway

  108. Andrew says:

    HI I’m trying to download the full 4.1 version for the omnia wqvga but all I get is an empty zip file. I’ve tried for several days. Can anybody help? is the link broken?

  109. shivar says:

    Can I still put skins on verson 3.0 and if so where can i have a step by step guife on how to put skins pplease

  110. shivar says:

    i mean guide instead of guife

  111. áéds,gáwe says:


  112. KINGLIFER says:

    new version of SPB mobile is out. (3.5)

  113. Ericson says:

    HI guys just put the rar file on your storage card and from there install the file..after that ok already…

  114. Ateeq says:

    how i install it on omnia i900. i have wm6.1 and defauly samsung omnia skin. please guide me in this egard

  115. Cha says:

    Hi, am using Omini900 the same as Ateeq. I download spb 3.5 (CAB) and the new shell.
    I follow the guide line said in the read me.exe but fail all the time.
    Can anyhelp help guide step by step

  116. claudia says:

    how can i delete this? i installed it in my omnia i910 but a black screen with an error sign came up, i tried removing it but it tells me that there was a “problem deleting file MortScript.” so it doesnt let me remove the folder and i’ve tried just about everything. any suggestions?:/

    • nando says:

      i dont know if this is too late maybe it is.. what happend is that you install it before unistall ir spb, first you have to do a soft reset, on top of your phone there a botton press it for about 10 seconds, it will reboot and delete any previous programs, then you have to install the skins and then the spb again.. and there you have it

  117. Tiny says:

    I’m certainly no computer or phone wizard, I have downloaded the skins onto my laptop but how on earth do I get this onot my phone so I can enjoy the skins

  118. Darren Leeming says:

    I am using the changeskin for spb – it’s Brilliat.

    Just one problem, when I want to go back to the Original skin,

    I keep getting : mortscript: original dat files not found.

    I have them but don’t know where to put them.

  119. ranjit says:

    sometimes I cannot hear the hear the outgoing call and incoming calls,if i keep Samsung omnia 2 mobile idle for 4 or more hours .Can you anybody give me suggestion.

  120. ed56 says:

    http://www.imarche.net/omnia/index.htm has a js malware script. Too bad.

  121. voviem says:

    after install SPB MS 3.5 on my i900, ican’t install WQVGA themes, it says:
    “can not find Spb mobile shell version 3.5: path=\storge card\ applicatin data\ volatile\$ret mp$ registry=”
    plz help me!

  122. anel says:

    beginner here i cant figure it out

  123. Karen says:

    HELP!!! i am so frustrated… I have SPB mobile shell 3.5 installed on my omnia no problems. I want to install change skins but it never works. im getting the wqvga version but there is no file when i transfer it onto my phone… it just looks life a windows file… someone said something about unzipping the file before i put it on my phone??? how do i do that. Im pretty new to all this stuff

  124. shredder says:


    Can someone tell me how to uninstall and return to original SPB themes.
    When I tap on uninstall file it gives some registry error (Key should be empty) and does not uninstall😦

  125. Jnl says:

    I’ve the same problem…

    after install SPB MS 3.5 on my i900, ican’t install WQVGA themes, it says:
    “can not find Spb mobile shell version 3.5: path=\storge card\ applicatin data\ volatile\$ret mp$ registry=”
    plz help me!

  126. Omnia UI is so nice. No wonder this type of samsung phones is so popular.

  127. smart guy says:

    please help me, i wish to install it on my omnia too but i can’t find it anywhere. please help, thanks in advance.

  128. vlad498148 says:

    And i…

    I’ve the same problem…

    after install SPB MS 3.5 on my i900, ican’t install WQVGA themes, it says:
    “can not find Spb mobile shell version 3.5: path=\storge card\ applicatin data\ volatile\$ret mp$ registry=”
    plz help me!

  129. zee says:

    i have the same problem like vlad498148

  130. bader says:

    my omnia i900 can’t read the .mscr files😦 i don’t have the spb themes menu in the tools of spb shell can any one help me how to show it please

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