Latest Omnia Firmware (i900DXHJ1)

Lately i’ve no time to post any news about Omnia..Actually i have nothing to post and pretty busy with my new job..:P

But if u talk about Omnia firmware then it will be never ending story. As u all know, there are SO MANY FIRMWARE VERSION had officialy/non officially released by Samsung. Since the launched on July in Singapore then follow with other countries, i can say at least more than 10 version had been released. From G1, G3, G4, G5, H1, H3, I1, I2, I3, bla…bla…bla….The weird thing is if u go to the website the latest one is still H3 version, which is known as a BATTERY KILLER..I strongly advise do not upgrade ur Omnia to this version. If not u will regret..haha…

SO back to the topic, i will use this post to update if there is any new firmware released from Samsung.

Please bear in my mind, this is not consider as an official firmware from Samsung. As i know they may purposely leaked the firmware to the users. To let the user to test first and become their victim..Haha..Don’t worry it should be ok..Although it’s not official but i believe every new firmware should fixed some bugs based on the previous firmware..


DATE : 14 OCT 2008

HOW TO : refer my previous post

Sorry, i haven’t tested yet..The reason is everytime i flashed/hard reset i need some time to reconfigure my settings and install back all the applications…
Anyway, I heard, it’s comparable with HI1 and a little bit improvement on camera quality.
Plus they may fixed the bugs which we are not really notice when we use Omnia.

So, keep updating me if u guys has flashed and find out what are the new thing in HJ1..:P

credit to Secany from Modaco

53 thoughts on “Latest Omnia Firmware (i900DXHJ1)

  1. Patrick says:

    Hey Maks,

    If I just download the newest firmware from the samsung mobile site (Singapore version, since that’s where I got it), will I have any trouble with it if I’m using it on another country’s phone company? The site says that each firmware is operator-specific. Does that matter since mine is unlocked?

  2. Patrick says:

    Oh and is there anyway to change the firmware without getting wiping the entire memory each time?

  3. Maks Pain says:

    I think i should works fine as long u use the english firmware. Not other language.
    Many users bought the unit from Spore and managed to flashed to the new firmware without any problems. And some unlucky people got problems..Wish u luck..:)

    And it’s not necessary to clear all memory each time u want to flash..U can just straight away flash it..Ur data in my storage & storage card will remain except for My Device..

  4. Hans says:

    Anyone who has testet it yet? What is “new” or better


  5. Gabriel says:

    bro, i got problem downloading off rapidshare. I keep getting the message that my ip address is currently downloading but its the first time i went to the page. Any idea how i can get rid of it? or do u haf another link i can refer to.

  6. Hans says:

    Hi, I got the same messages, but I cloesed down the webbrowser, and open the brower again, then it worked for me.

  7. carlos says:

    Hi i got a omnia withe this firmware specs

    PDA: i900UHHI1/UHHI1


    BLUETOOH (2.0+EDR)

    S/W: 2.03

    H/W: 2.01

    Im from south america (Chile) do you now a firmware upgrade for the UHHI1 version?


  8. gerald says:

    HI i just bought a samsung omnia basically for music so i can listen to music all day but i dont even get to the bus stop and it dies out on me please help which firmware is good without no side effects and which will let the battery live longer and how do you upgrade the firmware thanks….

  9. Maks Pain says:

    i dunno about DXHJ1 but currently still using HI1..
    so far i’m very satisfied with this fw..don’t have much proble..
    battery can last tong 3-4 days with normal usage (without using GPS)

    another tips to save battery is do not install SPB Mobile Shell..
    i can say SPB Mobile Shell will drain battery 20-30% more faster compare to normal one

  10. Rohan Ramakrishnan says:

    hey guys i just got the omia on the vodafone UK plan
    and my phone says its version is
    PDA : i900XXHHD/ACHH3
    PHONE : 1900BUHH2
    Im not really good at this technology stuff so im gonna need help
    Is my phone running on the H3 firmware that is said to be battery consuming highly or is it on another version ? if yes how do i get it changed to the best one and how is the installion process like ? you`re help will be greatly appreciated.TQ

  11. Maks Pain says:

    yup H3 is known as a battery sucker..:)
    the best one shoule be HI1, HI3, and HJ1…

    u can get the instructions from here

    do it at ur own risk😛

  12. Neveen says:

    Hi I got the Omnia from UAE.
    Thats the version information, is that the latest?

    Pda: i900jphj1/jphj1
    Phone: i900jvhi3
    sw: 2.0.3
    hw: 2.0.1
    hw: 1.0

    If not which is your recommended one for best experience and ofcourse least issues?

  13. Maks Pain says:

    i think ur firmware can consider among the latest one…
    please use it for a few weeks..
    if no problem, u just stick to ur firmware first
    until they come out with major update/improvements..

    myself currently using Modaco custom ROM,
    just upgraded yesterday:)

  14. Andreas says: 6.1 CZ Omnia ???

  15. jh4ns says:

    I just flash my omnia with the customized firmware,

    but it dont have chinese language feature so i want to flash it back to official version but i cant do so.

    anyone have suggestion?

  16. Maks Pain says:

    i haven’t try this because i dunno chinese:)
    but u don’t need to flash back to previous firmware..
    u can download the cab which extracted from i908’s ROM

  17. Max says:

    Hi guys,

    I updated my omnia a week ago with firmware version DZHJ1 and it’s working well.

  18. AGS says:

    hi, friends…. i get the original firmware from lets try to find there…

  19. triple h says:

    guys,im using hj1 firmware but my battery couldnt last a day……is anyone having same problem like me?
    1)not using m2d,no s2u2 all using samsung default software,theme etc.
    2)my battery is 100% then i install coreplayer,few java games,transfer some movies,playing with the camera & settings then WHAM!! battery drops 10%.
    3)not using any gps/wifi/bluetooth/3g

    wat is going on????shud i change firmware??or it’s the battery problem??

  20. Maks Pain says:

    Triple H,
    try using the latest official one DXHK3..
    but i thought J1 should give no problem on battery life..

    maybe it’s a batter issue

  21. Azha says:

    Hi Maks,

    I bought my Omnia from Singapore. I have check with FMG Melaka and they mentioned that their latest firmware is (i900DXHJ1). My two officemates had bought new omnias with this latest firmwares. So if i would like to upgrade my omnia to the latest firmware (i900DXHJ1), is there any problem impact with my device since my device is Singapore set.

    Kindly please advice.


  22. Azha says:

    Hi Maks,

    What’s new in Omnia DXHK3 firmware? Where can i download this latest firmware?


  23. Maks Pain says:

    Azha, yes u can upgrade ur firmware to HK3 without any issue..different HK1 & HK3 most probably bug fixed

  24. AngelDown says:

    Hi there,

    Just got my Omnia. Data is:

    PHONE: i900XXHH9

    Do I need a firmware update?

  25. Maks Pain says:

    since u just got ur omnia
    what i suggest is u use first for a few weeks..
    if u feel everything is fine then no need to update..

    most of the firmware upgrade u will not much see the different from the previous one..
    but of course there is an improvement..

  26. eric says:

    i just need to get more main storage.. izzit possible to get more?
    i only left 41Mb , i cant receive bluetoothing any file which is larger than 41Mb

  27. Maks Pain says:

    yes possible by using custom ROM..some of them u can have more than 100++ mb free space..can u imagine that..
    but it will void ur warranty..

  28. eric says:

    wats da remaining storage of da official latest ROM?
    currently im using i900DXHG4

  29. Maks Pain says:

    the new ROM free storage should not much different from previous one…

  30. joelw says:

    my omnia backlight no matter how much i try does not seem 2 want 2 come off. how can i fix dis problem? and also my version is the DZHJ1. should i update this? and where can i download sum decent applications for my omnia?

  31. Maks Pain says:

    HJ1 is quite stable firmware..maybe u could try to hard reset first before u update to the new one..
    u can find a lot of useful software for windows mobile if u take ur little bit time to search on the net..

  32. Karlo says:

    I bought a new Omnia last Jan 26 here in Manila. I got a K3 version. seems ok.

    the phone has a “8GB” label in front most top left. The back cover is black

    • Rod says:


      I also bought my Omnia 8GB here in Manila last March and it has the same version as yours HK3. The issue is that its 5 megapixel camera takes poor quality pictures (hazy, bland and bright, etc.)

      Also, does anyone know how I could make use of or activate the “push mail” feature? We use Lotus Notes email in the office. Thanks.

  33. Gorjan says:


    I have a Samsung i900 Omnia with the following specs:

    PHONE: i900XXHH9

    Despite all the tweeks (power-saving, HSDPA off, Beam off, WLAN off, GPRS onsy sporadically) I still can’t get more than 1 day batery life. I use the phone only moderately. Needless to say, I’ve been using it for over a month and I’m getting quite pissed. I read some comments that the battery time improved upon ROM flash. Which version do I use?
    Can’t get anything from the Samsung site but there are plenty available on forums…
    Which one do I put without messing up my phone?


  34. Maks Pain says:

    i suggest u go for official firmware first..HK3 is quite good for all aspect…
    anyway it must be something wrong with ur firmware..supposedly H9 should give not give ur battery issues,,try hard reset first..

  35. sciha says:

    i’ve got the HK# firmware also and I’m located here in MAnila,
    to Karlo’ can you send me a picture of your unit? coz mine is a 16 GB and it also have that 16GB text on the upper left part of the screen and my back cover for battery is all black, including the samsung and down logo. can’t find like this one on the net… thanks!

  36. yeee says:

    mine is i900DXHF8 and i seriously need an upgrade.
    any idea which firmware should i be upgrading to?

  37. darren says:

    Hey, upgrade to i900DZIA5_updater_xp.exe. from samsung official site.

  38. Brenna says:

    This is my firmware. i900DXHJ1
    But my windows media player nor my touch player does not work. Should I upgrade to something?

  39. stephen says:

    please i received my omnia phone from germany version 6.1 and the language is in german.i uploaded the firmware from samsung web site and flashed. but after the language is still in german. can you please help me to change the language to english? Now my version is AOHJ2.Thanks

  40. weemee says:

    just upgraded my firmware to dzia5 everything seems good with this one atleast my battery is lasting longer anyway i had the horrible h3 firmware before total nightmare so all is good now. i ran into the age old wrong version thing a few times but i managed to get it sorted by going into the preconfig menu bit and changeing the country so all is good woop woop

  41. erdogan says:

    maks pain…

    really need your help for free software.esp medical-related software..juz got my omnia past 3 days ago..

  42. alex says:

    hey man sorry to be a pain in the butt, but is there different formant that .rar cuz i tried to do an update and then half way through installation it said usbphone connection error then it said port (retry) and then it said connection failed. now my phone is pretty much useless, i cant send or recieve calls. So i kinda need a new firmware BAD but i cant have it in .Rar…. could you help me out?

  43. Danny says:

    Hey, I just recently received an Omnia, and I downloaded the (i900DXHJ1) firmware, all 3 parts as posted. But after downloading all three parts, I completely forgot that there were three different parts and I opened up only the first part and put that first part of the firmware into my Omnia. Now my omnia is messed up and i believe it was because i only put the first part of the firmware into the phone.

    Could there be a different reason? Because I tried extracting all three parts of the firmware and then putting them all into my phone, but it wouldn’t complete it (says that there was a usb connection error and my phone is pretty much useless, can’t receive or make calls) after what I did earlier with just the first part of the firmware. What do I do?

  44. Vajira says:

    my omnia has

    PDA version – i900DXHI3/DXHI3
    PHONE version – i900DXHG1

    i bought it from china and and currently living in sri lanka. i need official latest ROM updates for my OMNIA.
    can anyone tell me what is the latest update version and where to find them?


  45. spikey_richie says:

    Go here:

    Follow the instructions. Done:)

    I have ACHJ2 on mine, and the battery last for 4 or 5 days on standby.

  46. Curt says:

    hi, i live in South Africa and have firmware
    PDA: i900JCIC1 /JCIC1
    PHONE: i900JCIC2
    Is there a newer version available?

  47. David says:

    Hi Curt,

    I think its the latest..Im also in SA
    Ive asked the same question on another site and will post the answer

    here is the link to my question as well.


  48. Chris says:

    I am in the UK and my phone version is XXHG5 and PDA version is MSHG1

    Do I have the latest firmware and if not where can I get the latest? Many thanks.

  49. koji says:

    How to recover from failed firmware update?

  50. If failed, I think we have to reset it, or update again.

  51. koji says:

    i can not heard reset, pc not see my phone so i can not update again.
    thank you

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